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3‌ ‌Easy‌ ‌Steps‌ ‌to‌ ‌Improve‌ ‌Fencing‌ ‌Training‌ ‌with‌ ‌ Planchet‌ ‌Tracker‌

The process of practice and training in fencing as well as other sports should always include an aspect of motivation. We all as fencers learn more easily and with true joy when we heat the positive feedback and see ourselves improve. With Planchet Tracker application, you can continuously track your fencing training, compare results of your practice and see how fast you are going forward in sports fencing.

There are three easy steps to improve your fencing performance:

Step 1: Collect Data about Your Fencing

Before you can make the tiniest part of your fencing better, you may want to identify your strengths and weaknesses. As a Planchet Tracker user, you can track your training matches as well as competition performance.

Collect scores and other details about fencing matches, use application body maps to tap in successful hits and note down winning fencing techniques, all with just a few clicks or taps in your app.

For example, in each Match overview you can track your scoring, areas of hits, sequences of motion and other details. You can do this online or offline.

Step 2: Analyse Your Hits and Track Your Progress

Compare data from various matches to see which strategies and techniques work against each of your future fencing opponents. Adjust your training sessions to focus on fencing techniques that you see as your weaknesses. Analyse your success rate indexes that are calculated by Planchet Tracker within each category of offence/defence maneuvering and track your short-term and long-term progress in fencing.

Step 3: Learn From Key Indicators and Start Improving

Once having enough data, keep learning from them and enjoy practicing and testing various fencing strategies when on the planche. No matter if you fence with a sabre, foil or épée, keep monitoring your fencing performance with Planchet Tracker application regularly in as many details as possible. You can get back to previously collected data from fencing trainings or competition matches anytime and study each of your saved motion sequences or fighting actions.

Learn to focus each concrete training on a specific skill or technique. That way, you can start enjoying measurable progress and have a lot more fun when fencing.

Use Planchet Tracker fencing application and start improving your fencing trainings today!


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