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Planchet Tracker: The one must-have application for every fencer

Imagine taking notes about your fencing performance with just a few taps on your smartphone. The Planchet Tracker application is ready to meet all your expectations. You can stop bothering with broken pens and crampled notebook pages. This is a highly efficient tool to provide performance tracking in a way that is truly user-friendly. What can you track?

No matter if you fence with a sabre, épée or foil, you can select your weapon in the app top menu and proceed to a practice/competition selection stage. Within each match entry, you can record all your moves and hits. You can track your rival´s performance the same way.

Which moves are trackable?

The Planchet Tracker application covers a complete range of fencing moves and activities. It gives us an option to choose from offence vs defence, depending on what your maneuvering in the given moment of your match was.

In the Attack mode, you can quickly mark one of the following, depending on what you performed:



Passata sotto







Second Intention

That way, you can collect your fencing data in the long-term and see which of your strategies are successful. The application calculates and displays your success rates in the form of indexes and gives us a valuable feedback avout your progress.

Do you want to know more? Check our videos on YouTube and follow our updates about Planchet Tracker fencing application on our Facebook page.


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