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Planchet Tracker Professional makes a great tool for fencing coaches

Have you tried our Planchet Tracker free version? You can now upgrade to the recently released modification of the app called Planchet Tracker Professional. What´s the difference?

With PT Professional, you are no longer limited in how many matches you want to analyse. Similar to PT Athlete, the top version allows you to track, save and analyse unlimited number of fencing duels.

You can of course indicate whether the match is with foil, épée or sabre. As well you can mark whether the match you are on is a training session, or a tournament match.

What makes PT Professional a great tool for fencing coaches and parents who love to take notes about their young fencers´ performance is the mode for tracking duels of any two fencers. This allows you to focus on just any match that takes place arund you and collect data about duelling opponents.

While with PT Athlete you see how you have performed against an opponent X or opponent Y, Planchet Tracker Professional gives you more freedom in your tracking. You can save and analyse data from your own matches, or data from just any match. Just enter names of the duelling fencers, select the weapon and start collecting all details that could help you prepare your next strategy!


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