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How to start using the Planchet Tracker application

Aktualizováno: 15. 2. 2020

Check how to start using the PT app with this step-by-step guide. You will find out what is what in the navigation bar and learn how the scoring actions are defined.

Navigation Bar

Once you have started the app and passed the logo screen, you reach the first screen. It feaures the navigation bar at the bottom with 5 icons:

The orange colour indicates in which section of the app you are. To move to another section, choose one of the other icons and press it.

The sections are:



Match (read How to add a new match in this article)

Inbox and


We recommend users to start with updating the Profile section. To do so, press the Profile icon on the navigation bar first.

Then, continue with the Edit profile and Language settings (both shown in the Profile screen below).


The History section shows all the matches that you have entered and saved previously. If you are a new user and have not entered any match yet, the screen shows a Welcome! message and a large Enter your first match button:

With one or more matches saved, you can see them listed here. The Plus button is not shown in that case. As well, you canstart using the top bar (All - Foil - Épée - Sabre) to filter previously saved matches by weapon:

For example: To display only foil matches, press Foil.

Press any of the saved matches in the list. Match overview section will be displayed, with summary screens for the Left and Right fencer (see below).

To get more details about the match, scroll down the screen. You will find the summary of actions and hits as well as your notes and rating.

To analyze your overall performance per weapon, press Analysis icon in the bottom navigation bar.


The Analysis screen presents cummulative statistics from your previous matches. The summary includes number of wins and losses as well as body maps with indication of hits made and hits received.

To get more details about your fencing performance, scroll down the screen. You will find your success/failure ratio visualisation for your Offense and Defense there. As well, your Index of progress.

If you have not added any match to your app yet, you have two options to do so: Either press the round orange Plus button on the welcome screen shown above, or press the MATCH icon in the bottom navigation bar.


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