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Best Mobile App for Fencers? Bet on Planchet Tracker

Are you looking for a mobile application or tracking software for fencers? Do you want a user-friendly technology to support your sport fencing ambitions? Try our new Planchet Tracker, a sports app that helps fencers track their performance in fencing practice and competition matches. It works both with Android and iOS mobile phones and has its own website with a chatbot too so you can rely on its support fully.

Fence with a sabre, épée, foil - and track your actions with your mobile

There are many mobile applications that help athletes get feedback and do better in their sports, especially those apps that focus on running or cycling. But is there any non-gps application for fencers who want to get feedback on their fencing performance? You do not need to search any more.

With Planchet Tracker, you can

  • Set up your profile

  • Choose your weapon from sabre/foil/épée list

  • Choose from training match/competition match options

  • Tap in all details related to your offence and defence maneuvres

  • Learn from calculated success indexes

  • View archived entries

It is upto you whether you decide to enter details about your actions, hits, scored points and other sport fencing performance data into the app yourselves when your match is over, or your fencing coach or fencing team member does it for you while you are on the planche. Complete all the fencing data collection with a few taps. It is fast and easy!

Mutual monitoring, or detailed fencing statistics in your pocket? Choice is yours

Mutual monitoring is one of the first learning techniques that can be applied with beginners among fencers and young fencers. With Planchet Tracker application for fencers regardless the age, you can monitor your fencing friends, your opponents and of course - you can (and should) monitor yourself. It comes with a precise data, not with just vague hand written notes or vanishing memories.

Like in the sport of chess, it pays off to analyse every step and touch you have made during your fencing match and save it for later. Besides, in the long term, Planchet Tracker provides you with a valuable feedback on which fencing techniques you apply and which fencing strategies you follow are successful - and which are not.

A smart fencer´s partner and guide for all training levels

No matter if you are a beginning fencer who attends a local club for basic athletic training, or a member of a fencing academy, or even a performance athlete with professional training, Planchet Tracker is ready to become your helping partner and friend that can prepare unique sets of information for your and support you to enjoy modern fencing even more.


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