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Our Story

We love fencing. We simply do. This is why we have put our heads together to develop a tool that would make fencing even more rewarding.

We wanted to create a big helper to each and every fencer. A handy assistant that would replace your pen and paper when you take notes about your fencing performance.

It all started with an idea to bring some fun (and science, too) into your practice with fencing weapons. To spice it up a bit with easy-to-make data driven statistics and challenging goals for your faster progress.


The main purpose of our tracker though is to help. To assist and serve to you, a fencer. That is where the tool has got its name: Planchet. As you may already know, Planchet is originally the name of one of characters featuring in The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. Planchet was d´Artagnan´s servant and a good, reliable friend.

We wish our Planchet Tracker could serve fencers like you in a similar way. As a helpful, unselfish and reliable friend who you always wish to have by your side.

Your Planchet Tracker support team

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