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Maximizing Your Fencing Potential

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Unleash the better fencer in you

Fencing is a sport that requires skill, speed, and strategy.

If you want to become a better fencer, you need several things you can do to improve your performance.

Planchet Tracker is a software solution that collects and analyzes data related to your fencing performance. It provides you with unique performance statistics and tips for more efficient training and smarter strategy development. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced fencer, Planchet Tracker can help you track your progress and make informed decisions to improve your game.



Planchet Tracker offers a wide range of features to help fencers and coaches track their performance and improve their skills.

  • Personal profile setup

  • Weapon selection: foil, sabre, épée

  • Match type selection

  • Tournament phase selection

  • Opponent setup

  • Note taking: maneuvers, hits, scores

  • Body map to indicate hits

  • Made/Received Hit Index

  • Attacking Maneuvers Index

  • Defending Maneuvers Index

  • Match rating

  • Progress ratio index

  • History of matches

  • History of matches against an opponent

The features include:

Works as your electronic diary for fencing

Enables you to take notes in a convenient way

Helps you keep records of your fencing matches

Tracks and registers your offense and defense

Helps you collect data about your opponents

Analyses your performance

Planchet Tracker application

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planchet mobile jako apple summary match

  • Evaluate your fencing performance

  • Adjust coaching to make it address real needs

  • Learn from previous hits, misses, wins and losses

  • Identify your setbacks 

  • Design your training sessions

  • Set up winning strategies

  • Enjoy faster progress

With Planchet Tracker you can

You can choose from 3 programs:
Free, Athlete and Professional

Check the chart below to explore the difference.

Are you a club or federation? Contact us for information on pricing.

With you in mind

With You in Mind

We keep developing Planchet Tracker to help you enjoy fencing even more.


  • Track your progress

  • Achieve more through smart learning

  • Get inspired for improved performance

  • Get prepared for a tournament

  • Enjoy more fun in practice

Coaches & clubs 
  • Fast and easy way to collect data

  • Convenient tool for performance management

  • Editable details, online and offline mode

  • Instant access to various profiles

  • Match mapping, practice mapping

  • Better insight into teams and clubs performance in each category

  • More precise data to work from when building seedings and nominations

  • New way how to motivate young fencers

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